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"The seminar exceeded my expectations in every way. I expected it to be informative but I didn't expect it be entertaining as well. I think I could sit here for another month and still be learning."

— Kelly Ross

"Wow! Great new info I can't wait to try. And it's stuff I can use IMMEDIATELY. Also a great refresher of things I've forgotten to do in the rush of deadlines. Thank you — and I bet my customers will thank me!"

— Stacey Hewey, Physicians Sales & Service


"I came away both incredibly enlightened and also wondering what we were thinking on a few things. I feel 1000% better about what we are likely to generate via our direct effort this next year. I've engaged others I would consider "gurus" in other topic areas and typically end up very impressed by their knowledge but put off by their elitism. So nice to meet with someone who has such tremendous knowledge and who we could actually enjoy lunch with as well ;-) "
— Chris Ross, Burton Group


"This was the best seminar that I have attended in a number of years. The amount of information was perfectly paced over the two days. Alan's style and ability to convey "real life" examples was a huge value add to me."

— David Vermette, Mass Mutual


"Alan's true life experiences helped me to be willing to take more risks. the visuals and samples really helped me formulate ideas I can use at Miracle Hill"
— Susan Pottberg, Miracle Hill


"So many new ideas — like a light bulb turned on! This seminar taught me to look over and beyond the tried and true. "
— Janna Marshall, Highlights


"It is so valuable to see and hear real examples of what works and what doesn't work"
— Tara Martin, T-Mobile


"Alan had great delivery. This was my first marketing seminar. He made me feel smart."
— Mary Craig, Ipswitch


"I have attended Alan's seminar a number of years ago, and his seminar is very current and very fresh. I was pleasantly surprised what I thought would be a refresher seminar turned into something much more. I thought the seminar was exciting and extremely beneficial. "

— Valerie C. Fry, Kessler


"Alan uses real world, up-to-date client examples to illustrate his points. He reinvigorated our client service and creative groups with wit and creative wisdom."
— Mike Baler, Epsilon


"This is a must for anyone who wants to maximize their investment in direct response marketing"
— John L. MacKinnon, Dale Carnegie Training


"Valuable, clear, concise examples. And the handouts are a great distilled version off the presentation itself. Just wish we had more time . . ."

— Kevin Smith, PeopleSoft


"Alan was excellent! The information and ideas are fresh and honest — can't wait to implement them!"

— Karina Meleger, PSMJ


"Presentation was excellent — handing out a book of slides was perfect. The creative juices flowed more and more as the session went on — ideas continuously popped up, all of which seems like they could improve business.

— Andrew Levin, Middlesex Bank


"Alan inspires me absolutely! A breath of very fresh air. Reminds me why I got into DM in the first place."

— Thomjon Borges, Borges Wagner


"Alan has a vast knowledge of direct marketing and shared a lot of tried and tested ideas with us. I really enjoyed it. I honestly wouldn't change a thing."

— Kathy Pond, Grolier


"Absolutely terrific. The information is valuable, applicable, eye-opening and creativity-boosting. Alan is open, knowledgeable, experienced, funny and direct."

— Theresa Pesce, Parable Publishing


"I came away feeling inspired and rejuvenated with my position, my company, and the entire direct mail industry."

— Paul Soo Hoo, Abbott Cards


"Our response to your direct mail has literally been 100% better than planned - which makes it better than any program with which I have previously been involved."

— David J. Field, President, American Management Equities


"Alan Rosenspan is a direct response professional. He begins by providing a wide range of concepts to choose from. Best of all, he has produced some big winners for us."

— Mitch Glazier, Direct Marketing Communications Director, Kessler Financial Services


"The single best workshop I’ve ever attended in Direct Marketing- A lifetime of relevant expertise packed into one day."

— Tom Gaffny, Epsilon


"The entire session was extremely valuable as it reinforced basic DM principles and opened my eyes to more advanced ideas."

— Al Spector, Arrow Direct


"This was the most informational direct marketing seminar I have ever attended. Better than any book."

— Pollyanna Sidell, Excelon Corporation


"Alan is a Direct Marketing Tornado. If you do direct marketing you need this workshop!"

— David Ferreira, Sullivan Creative


"I just wanted to reiterate that the Creative Strategy Seminar you led in Boston last week was FANTASTIC. I came back to work with some excellent ideas. My boss was pleased." — Jenn Asseli


"Alan presents information in a way that makes you think about everything you do. The interactive class environment is awesome because topics flow from one to another and there is no downtime. Very exhilarating class! Thanks."

— Stephanie Hamerstone


"Alan's diverse experience and unbridled enthusiasm can make even a jaded creative remember what there is to love about direct marketing"

— Diane Curry, Reader's Digest


"Exhilarating. The best, broadest brain-booster by far!"

— Patrick Green, Rapp Collins


"We were lucky to hear such a talent whose work we've seen but not always know was his. He used such great examples."

— Katherine Hazelwood, Dallas Morning News


"This was the best yet — I didn't want to leave the room. Can I take Alan Rosenspan back with me and keep him on the shelf for inspiration?"

— Jennifer Wigglesworth, Trumps Castle Casino Resorts


"Alan was terrific! Very effective, approachable and enthusiastic. I'd like to bring my entire staff to hear him"

— Theresa Morin, Christian Book Distributors


"Outstanding perspective. Most informative and innovative"

— Marilyn Gorman, MetLife



"This presentation gave me great ideas to bring back to my company right away! The recommendations for creative were phenomenal!"

— Meghan Putney, Soup Coups


"Alan's enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring"

— Linda Rothstein, BankBoston


"Alan Rosenspan is an energetic instructor whose enthusiasm and expertise adds value to the material presented."

— Karen Dunne, Fidelity Investments


"The content is rich and powerful. Each section is full of revelations and aha's!" Thank you"

— Doug McKenom, Communicolor


"I thought this was an excellent seminar — definitely worth a day out of the office."

— Ann Schuler, Hewlett-Packard


"I think the small class size was really beneficial. It increased group interaction and participation greatly."

— Hannah Beal Will, Hammer & Co.


"It made me want to go back to the office and start pumping out direct mail pieces. It was full of ideas and information"

— Debbie Salamone, Continental Resources


"The seminar literally forced me to push the envelope of my creative thinking"

— Joe Andrews, iMarket Inc.


"Alan has a tremendous enthusiasm for direct marketing which is educational, inspirational and contagious"

— Deirdre Allison-Bird, American Red Cross


"The hands-on workshop was extremely valuable. It's great to gather valuable feedback from your peers and experts on your actual direct mail samples. I can't wait to take this back to the office and present to our team"

— Andrea Wood, Infinium Software


"The highest ROI of any seminar!"

— Tina Perry, BankBoston


"Alan's teaching style was great. He kept the group engaged and the material interesting and fun."

— Susan Sarno, The MathWorks


"The binder with all the reference material is invaluable. Thank you."

— Sheila Celata, US Trust


"Alan knows his direct mail and does a great job presenting the subject"

— Michael O'Conner, President, Abbott Cards, Rockport


"Alan's obvious experience and command of the subject matter was a great benefit."

— Richard Flanerty, Rentex Inc.


"Great! I'd recommend it highly"

— Phyllis Mitzman, Linguistic Systems


"The entire session was valuable. The interactive parts where everyone chimed in with ideas was great."

— Casey Nuttall, Direct Results Group, Boston


"Alan is super! Enthusiasm is very contagious."

— Michele Restin, American Red Cross


"I believe this could expand to a 2-day format — there's so much info to cover!"

— Rosemary Daly, Boston University Corporate Education Center


"A great refresher. I felt a good rapport with Alan. He acted as a colleague rather than someone trying to impress us."

— Kevin Klein, Cambridge Savings Bank


"I was able to apply the thoughts and ideas of the seminar right away."

— Pamela Dillon


"What was the most useful or valuable part of the seminar? The one on one with Alan regarding my sales letter"

— David Shiang, Brilliant Deductions


"Now I have a list of checkpoints to improve all aspects of our DM programs"

— Guy Daniels, Cambridge Soundworks


"The most concise tutorial on effective direct marketing that I have participated in over the last 25 years — loaded with practical, tactical tips."

— Jim Hackett, Direct Results group


"Great tips on building complete direct marketing campaigns. Tons of useful information to take back"

— Jeremy Draper, CIO Communications


"Alan is so excited about what he presents that he keeps you involved in the session and excited to go home to create new pieces. Thank you!"

— Laura Elmore, PharmaCare


"I gained a lot of quick, useful ideas that shouldn't cost a lot to do. Checklists will be very helpful."

— Sue Boczenowski, TravCorps


"Alan is a great presenter. The day flew by"

— Jennifer Powers, Liberty Mutual


"The interaction between everyone was very interesting and insightful. It's fun to brainstorm ideas and think out of the box."

— Jamie Bloomquist, Kessler Financial Services


"Great! Gave me a whole new outlook on DM"

— Virginia Lehr, IDC


"Great. Best seminar I've attended on "How to." Practical solutions without being simplistic. Thought provoking."

— Adrienne Davis, Brody Wellspark


"This was one of the best seminars I've been to — interactive, productive, lively. Showing my direct mail and critiquing other attendees work was invaluable."

— Darcy Woodyall, Marriott



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